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David Martinez, Esq. 

David focuses on DUI and criminal defense, employment law, and personal injury litigation.   The law office accepts administrative law clients on a case-by-case basis. 

David has been an active member of the CA State Bar for eight years in good standing.  He practiced engineering in the areas of manufacturing, air quality, and water quality for twenty years before becoming an attorney. 

Office ​Hrs: 8 am - 6 pm Mon- Sat

Telephone: 805-798-7527

The Law Offices of David Martinez is dedicated to personalized attention to each and every client.   We accept a limited number of cases to ensure responsive and aggressive representation of each client based.  As your attorney and advocate in the courts, I will personally attend to all phases of your case focusing on the facts, the law, and your rights. 
Case evaluations and strategic planning are based on the most realistic outcome considering your life situation, the facts of the case, and the likelihood of prevailing at trial.  

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Our firm specializes in helping individuals with their legal problems in the  matter how small. Please call for a free initial consultation.