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Criminal Defense Representation

Before you plead guilty or take any other action which could affect your future for years, please call us to discuss your case.  We handle ALL criminal cases including but not limited to:


 Aiding, Abetting, Accessory Animal Abuse Arson Assault and Battery Bank Fraud Burglary Checks and Credit Card fraud Child Abuse Child Pornography Conspiracy Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Drug Cultivation & Manufacturing Drug Possession Elder Abuse Embezzlement Embezzlement Environmental Violations (air and wastewater) Expungement Extortion Extortion False Identification Felonies Felony Auto Accidents Forgery Grand Jury Proceedings Hacking Hit & Run Identity Theft

Law Offices of David ​Martinez


Drug Charges

If you have been charged or arrested for any drug offense, call the Law Office of David Martinez for a FREE consultation at (805) 798-7527 or (888) 496-8880.  We will help you determine the best course of action based on interviews of witnesses and law enforcement.  I will negotiate a potential reduction in charges or represent you at trial aimed at achieving the best possible outcome. 
California has some of the toughest drug laws in the nation.  Local prosecutors know this and aggressively pursue drug convictions against people accused of drug crimes by law enforcement.  It is therefore crucial that you hire a skilled Ventura criminal defense attorney to stand up for you and protect your constitutional rights. 

​My name is David Martinez, and as your criminal defense attorney I will aggressively represent your interests to help ensure your constitutional rights are protected.  My law office will investigate the DA’s drug case to ensure your rights were not violated during the police investigation or your arrest. For example, if the seizure of drug evidence against you was an unreasonable invasion of your right to privacy, a motion can be filed to have the evidence suppressed.  If the motion is granted, the case will often be dismissed. 

Drug OffensesCommon examples of Drug-Related offenses filed by District Attorneys in California include: Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance Possession of Controlled Substances Possession or Cultivation of Marijuana Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Possession for Sale of Controlled Substances Possession of Certain Chemicals with the Intent to Manufacture a Drug (like Pseudo-ephedrine or ephedrine) Sale, Transportation or Trafficking of a Controlled Substance or Narcotic Drug Conviction PenaltiesA conviction of a drug crime will have serious consequences.  Drug possession can be a misdemeanor under some circumstances, but without a license to do so, the sale and distribution of a drug is a felony.  If convicted of a felony drug crime, you will be faced with large fines, jail or prison time, the possible loss of your job, as well as potential forfeiture of your assets. If the District attorney files a complaint alleging distribution of drugs to a minors, using minors to sell drugs, or if the arrest is near a school you may face significantly larger fines and longer prison sentence.
If you are undocumented, even a conviction of felony drug possession can result in jail “hold” order by immigration officials and eventual deportation or denial by ICE agents following a long incarceration in a federal detention facility.  
Common DrugsDrugs such as Valium (“Norco”), Meth-amphetamine, Heroin, Marijuana, Cocain, Crack-Cocaine, Oxycodone, etc., are examples of “controlled substances.” Many prescribed medications are considered controlled substances and are illegal to possesses, use or transport without a prescription. If you have been charged with possessing or using drugs you may qualify for “Diversion.”  This means you can avoid jail and get the case dismissed after completing a drug class. As an alternative, you may qualify for the Prop-36 program.